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Cosmetic face care


FAITH Japanese professional cosmetics is the only one in the world that contains live collagen, which can penetrate deep into the skin, aimed at rejuvenation and recovery. All Faith ingredients are transported immediately to skin cells, restore skin structure from the inside and provide a healthy glow. The product formulas are confirmed by patents. Cosmetics have no age restrictions or contraindications. The textures are light, odourless, have no preservatives and flavours.


Forlle’d is the suite class elite Japanese cosmetics, where the patented production process receives the world’s only low molecular weight hyaluronic acid Hyalogy. The high level of safety and hypoallergenicity of Forlle’d products are guaranteed by the most advanced technologies and strict Japanese quality standards.Forlle’d’s high-tech professional cosmetics is a leader in restoring skin function and structure at the cellular level as well as controlling the mechanisms of both chrono- and photoaging.


Sothys(France) is elite professional cosmetics for SPA-centres and premium beauty salons.Sothysis loved and appreciated in 110 countries around the world, the brand is represented in 15,000 salons, beauty institutes, SPA-centres and world-renowned resorts. The secret of Sothys’ success lies in the individual concept of beauty, aimed at achieving the result – the preservation of beauty and youth. Novelties and seasonal care products, stunning textures and elegant fragrances excite, delight and give Sothyscustomers new and unusual sensations.


HydroPeptidecosmetics is a professional premium high-tech line of cosmetic products from US geneticists.

HydroPeptide is an industry leader in peptide technology. The fact that peptides can improve the condition of skin without adverse effects qualitatively distinguishes them from other active ingredients. HydroPeptide formulations provide high results in anti-aging fight. HydroPeptide cosmetics do not contain parabens, phthalates, sulphates, have not been tested on animals, and do not use synthetic fragrances, phenoxyethanol and gluten.

Sferangs Korean cosmetics

Sferangs specializes in aesthetic care and medical technologies. In the production of cosmetics, all the processes are inspected by authorized organizations at each stage – quality control of raw materials, compliance of the technological process with modern requirements. This ensures the effective transfer of the vital force of natural resources into cosmetic products. The combination of modern technologies and carefully selected natural ingredients, centuries-old traditions of Eastern medicine and accomplishments of modern scientists gives birth to cosmetics that restore the skin’s vitality and healthy appearance.


Elemis is a British Number 1 luxury skincare brand.

Each innovative formula is a combination of science, chemicals and nature, carefully developed by a team of dedicated scientists and skin care experts. ELEMIS uses the most powerful biologically active ingredients found both on the surface and in the depths of our earth, paying close attention to detail.


Dr. Medion’smission is awakening of natural beauty and skin radiance.

History of Dr.Medionstarts with medical research in the Medion Research Lab, Japan. At the heart of the development, there is the “health creates beauty” principle: by stimulating the body’s natural forces, we restore the skin’s youth and radiance. In the development and production of the products, they use the latest technologies based on the latest advances in scientific dermatology and biotechnology.

All products are made in Japan and undergo double quality control.

Meder Beauty Science

Meder Beauty Science is a Swiss brand of professional cosmetics created by dermatologist TijnaOrasmäe-Meder. They were the first in the world to use peptides to eliminate facial wrinkles, prebiotics for acne therapy, neurocosmetic care for sensitive skin and rosacea, and epigenetic ingredients to prevent age-related changes.

Meder Beauty home care is easy to choose individually for any type of skin with various features.

Cosmetic body care


Products of German Baborcosmetics are developed in strict compliance with environmental standards.BaborSPA’s care products have a pronounced lifting effect, provide prevention of premature skin aging and protection from exogenous stress, recharge your energy and restore healthy sleep. They improve metabolic processes in the skin, the supply of oxygen and nutrients, stimulate regenerative processes. Baborcare is the best way to keep your skin fresh and glowing. It also brings relaxation, regeneration and balance of the body as a whole.


The ISHI brand is Italian professional cosmetics that have been a landmark in professional aesthetics and beauty for over 35 years. Thanks to deep knowledge in modern cosmetology and physiology, for the first time in the world, ISHI has created biocosmetics. ISHI Winetherapy is a unique line of “youth”, where the highest concentrations combine ANTI-AGEING active ingredients that will give your skin elasticity, toning and restoration.


Ancient traditions of quality, efficiency, innovation and modern technology are the advantages of the Gerard’s brand today. Gerard’s sophisticated beauty and health rituals are the result of the action of valuable moisturizing and nourishing bio-extracts combined with luxurious textures and aromas that take you on an amazing journey.

SPA procedures are aimed at treating local fat deposits and cellulite, activating circulation in blood and lymphatic vessels, enhancing the removal of toxins, absorbing stagnant fluid and improving drainage.

Hardware cosmetology

The specialists of our Spa-centre offer various cosmetic care programs helping to put on hold the aging process, improve the appearance and quality of the skin, put in order the “problem-prone skin”. Modern cosmetology has a wide range of services for treatment, care and rejuvenation of the facial and body skin.


The Criolift device is the latest achievement in hardware cosmetology, recognized as a leader in the field of non-surgical, non-invasive rejuvenation:

  • “Mesotherapy with no needles”;
  • Instant lifting;
  • Tissue biostimulation;
  • Restoration of skin density.


  • Prevention and correction of signs of skin aging;
  • Sensitive skin;
  • Rehabilitation after aggressive interventions;
  • Dehydrated skin with loss of radiance;
  • Patients with contraindications to mesotherapy.

Besides, the method is used to speed up the rehabilitation process after plastic surgery (e.g., facelift).

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