One of the main advantages of Mirotel Resort & Spa is Med-Palace Medical Centre.

Diagnostic and Rehabilitation SPA Centre Med-Palace is one of the most advanced medical centers in Ukraine with the best medical equipment by the leading world manufacturers. Med-Palace employs highly qualified specialists who combine the resort recreational resources and recent developments in the global balneology to treat our guests. Medical Centre consists of a diagnostic center, balneary and SPA-centre. Mirotel Resort & Spa is connected to Med-Palace by a convenient covered passage.

All the patients’ test results are kept in a digital library, and you have an opportunity to obtain information on any digital device.

Diagnostic and Rehabilitation SPA Centre Med-Palace offers medical advice of highly qualified specialists.

WORKING HOURS: from 8 p.m. till 5 a.m.

Tel: +380 (3247) 641 31

Cell: +38 (067) 37 101 04