School Of Early Development “Swimming Together”

Early development of the baby is an intensive increasing the child’s abilities at his early age (from 0 to 2-3 years) in a specially environment where the baby lives studying and examining different interesting and unusual objects and developing all his senses.

Mirotel Resort & Spa, within the School of Early Development, offers a program of "Swimming Together" for 3 months kids and older.

To make these water classes more useful for your child a special program "Swimming Together" was created by our coaches, the main idea was happy, physically strong and open to the world children

Every swimming lesson in Mirotel Resort & Spa is aimed to strengthen the muscles, improve coordination and develop the baby’s stamina.

The results of "Swimming Together":

• Excellent strengthen of muscles and joints, training of the entire musculoskeletal system

• Blood circulation and metabolism improvement

• Increasing the lung volume, which is effective in prevention of respiratory diseases

• Prevention of colds

• Intestinal motility stimulation, which ensures the prevention of intestinal colic and constipation

• Movements in the water helps in "maturing"  the body, which is especially important for premature babies

Program’s Benefits:

• Trainings are held in the children's pool with optimal water temperature 31-33 degrees and with the presence of the parents

• Individual approach, which takes into account the physical and emotional specifics of the baby

• Well-trained coaches with great experience will train your child

• the unique technique is used here, the vector of which is the child’s all-round development, both physical and psychological

• Our pools are equipped with multi-stage water purification system, which eliminates the ingress of harmful impurities and ensures water safety for kids

• Duration of classes is 45 minutes

Your child can learn a lot with Mirotel Resort & Spa: lay on the back, swim on his tummy and, of course, diving. But the most important is that you can give your child the absolute joy. We will help you fill your child's life with rich colors of positive emotions and impressions.

See you in Mirotel Resort & Spa!