Intensive Fat Burning

11 Days Program Fee: 61 072 UHA

Leading experts of the Medpalace care greatly for their Guests, and, therefore, developed a new program that aims at reducing body weight (by 7-10%) by burning fat tissue of the body. This Intensive Fat Burning program takes only 11 days and it is a painless alternative of a surgical lipo for you.

This program is designed for individuals, who look for a breakthrough in their fight for the ideal body, and it provides a solution to fat deposits in high-concern areas, and reshapes your body.

This program applies a combined approach to achieve top, long-lasting results: a dietitian tailors a proper diet, using high-quality Macresces amino acids, minerals and proteins and extra Solgar dietary nutrients, and a physio and balneotherapy package, lab and other diagnostic tests. 

Key results: 

  • lost body weight with no starvation on your part, reduced body volume
  • reshaped body, reduced fat deposits on the stomach and hips
  • improved skin elasticity and turgor
  • reduced sweet cravings and decreased insulin resistance 
  • reduced fatty hepatosis 
  • reduced joint pain
  • reduced blood cholesterol and glucose
  • overall revitalizing and detoxing effect
  • improved metabolism

Your health is important to us. Therefore, our dietitian will lay down personal diet recommendations for you for long-lasting results and healthy and balanced eating habits, after you complete this program.