Program «MEN’S HEALTH»

Program (PDF) 

Especially for the strong half of humanity, Mirotel Resort & Spa has developed the "MEN'S HEALTH" program

The basis of the wellness program for men is the use of an innovative method of functional magnetic stimulation on the Tesla Former armchair. The Tesla Former armchair deals with all issues of the men’s genitourinary system, and is especially recommended after 40 years.

With the help of a magnetic field, the device acts on all muscle fibers: from the superficial to the deepest.

When working out, stagnant processes in the pelvis are eliminated, resuming blood flow to the pelvic organs.

This allows us to normalize all the natural functions of our body.

Treatment and prevention with the Tesla Former device allows you to eliminate and prevent a number of diseases in the field of urology and proctology.

As a result of the treatment or prevention of one issue, we improve the work of all natural body functions.

A man receives a bonus for a longer sexual intercourse and qualitative changes in sensations during intimacy.

The program is designed for 7-10-14 days.