Program «MEN’S HEALTH»

Program (PDF) 

Probably, there is no man who does not want a little better and a little more, and the only thing that is always worth reducing, is the amount of adipose tissue.

Men gain extra weight quite easily, so obesity is quite common among the strong half of humanity. Erectile dysfunction occurs with excess weight primarily due to a decrease in testosterone levels, and the more obese, the worse the situation.

Andrology department "Med Palace" together with clinic "Samoylenko" developed the "Men's health program”.

The basis of the program is diagnostics of the body, detection of hidden pathologies, study of the peculiarities of metabolism, comprehensive work with a nutritionist.

Excess weight = hormonal imbalance and conversely hormonal imbalance = excess weight.

Advantages of the program:

  • Complete urological diagnosis
  • Laboratory diagnostics to determine metabolic potential
  • Consultation of a Urologist, Andrologist, Sexopathologist
  • Nutritionist consultation
  • Consultations of related specialists
  • Consultation of SPA specialists
  • Interdisciplinary consultation based on the results of your diagnosis

Guaranteed result:

  • You had a great rest
  • You got rid of excess weight
  • You got rid of toxins
  • You have normalized laboratory and biochemical indicators