Prevention of ARI in children

Prevention is the best method to ward off harmful respiratory infections,  and also chronic conditions of the health. What consists in the prevention of ARI? What can help a child strengthen resistance to illnesses?

Strategies to prevent, diagnose, and treat ARI in children include:

  • special attention should be paid  to immunostimulants, otherwise a child's immune system will not work properly.
  • complex approach based on diagnostic tests and a doctor's advice

For the youngest guests Mirotel Resort & Spa offers  a course of procedures which can help to strengthen their health. All the procedures are prescribed only after  a consultation seeing our doctor and all appropriate diagnostic tests

Conditioning to the cold

The body, which got used to temperature variation,  is resistent to illnesses.  In Mirotel Resort & Spa a guest can take different baths, circular douche. Also it will be useful for your child to visit our Spa-center: a swimming-pool,  sauna.

Physiotherapy procedures

Prevention of ARI in children includes  inhalation therapy designed to help restore or improve breathing function in patients with a variety of diseases, conditions, or injuries and has immunomodulatory, antiviral, anti-inflammatory action. Laser therapy of ent-organs provides strengthening of local immunity, improvement  blood circulation, subsidence of inflammatory processes.


In the restaurant of the hotel you always find seasonal vegetables and fruit rich in vitamins and grown in our greenhouses and on local farm.

Healing with nature

Subcarpathian pure air,  mineral waters, unsurpassed natural beauty, fascinating master classes will help to harmonize the overall health of your child.