Prevention of bronchitis

What should you know?

Bronchitis is a respiratory disease in which  the mucus membranes of the bronchi become inflamed.  This disease most commonly affects children and adults with a weak immune system. Proper prevention of bronchitis in children and adults allows  to prevent its developing  into a  chronic  form.

What do you have to know about bronchitis?

Except infections and viruses this disease  may also be caused by smoking and  susceptibility to allergic reactions.

In order to minimize the harmful effects of these factors it is reasonable to undergo treatment programs which help to reduce allergization of the organism. One of such complex programs is "Life without Allergies" which you can undergo in Med-Palace Medical Center.

Prevention of bronchitis of children and adults

Proper treatment of inflammatory diseases of upper  respiratory tract  allows to avoid this unpleasant condition. With this aim Mirotel Resort & Spa guests may undergo Phytotherapy, Halotherapy, a course of inhalations, which will be prescribed to each patient individually after a therapeutist's consultation.

Prevention of bronchitis also includes doing sport, exercise therapy. Guests of Mirotel Resort & Spa can, for example, enjoy Nordic Walking together with the whole family, improve their health and take pleasure in pure mountain air and the beauty of the park.

More fresh air, positive emotions, vitamins, curative natural factors and you will be always healthy!