Individual master classes:

FUN ENGLISH: In our classes we learn English in a fun and interesting way, using entertainment and educational programs so that the child does not notice that he or she is learning during the game.

CREATING A PERSONAL TALISMAN - ETHNO CORALS: Corals are an ancient traditional ornament of Ukrainians! The coral presented by our master is a designer product that you can learn to make yourself from fabric and natural fillers. And beauty multiplied by the power of materials is a real amulet!

EWELRY MAKING: ETHNO-CHOKER AND BRACELET: Choker is an accessory fashionable, original, delicate and distinctive for all time. How to make a choker with your own hands? Оur wonderful craftswoman will help you. All her ideas of making jewelry are based on ethno - motives of Ukraine!

EARLY DEVELOPMENT STUDIO. PREPARATION FOR SCHOOL Preparing for school is an important period in a child's life. It gives a successful start for the pupil’s future. In this regard, our teachers have come up with an unobtrusive complex program for the preparation of preschoolers with the help of games and fun exercises, developing the children’s logic, fine motor skills and creative thinking.

MUSIC PAUSE / vocal, karaoke, violin playing /: Seven notes, like the seven colors of the rainbow, are able to depict all the beauty of the world! We offer educational music lessons, both for children and for the whole family, where you can emphasize your musical abilities, sense of rhythm and excellent diction. Get acquainted with the basics of vocal art, proper breathing, artistry, working with a microphone.

POTTERY: We offer pottery lessons - as a way to get acquainted with the traditional craft of our ancestors! Immerse yourself in soft, pliable clay and make something beautiful with your own hands. A professional master will reveal the little secrets to you and teach you to use a potter's wheel.

DRAWING TECHNIQUES: We invite you to our classes with a magic brush! But it turns out you can draw without a brush! And even without paints! All the secrets of drawing will be shown and told by our professional artist. And the works drawn in our master classes will decorate your homes.

DANCE ANIMATION: A master class on children's dance animation is at your service! We offer classes on the study of Zumba and Rock and Roll according to the Greek method. A professional trainer, in a short time, will help you to learn the most difficult movements and teach you to dance no worse than professionals.

CYCLING LESSON WITH A PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTOR: If your child has not learned to ride a bike yet, or is not quite sure, our professional coach is at your service! We assure you that in a few days your child will learn all the secrets of cycling!