Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is a treatment practice with the using of ozone-oxygen mixture, which due to the strong oxidizing properties of ozone is a revolutionary way to rejuvenate facial skin and body.

Ozone which is used in therapeutic purposes, is specially purified and enriched with oxygen. It is the  effective way to improve the appearance, to repair and  tighten skin, to control wrinkles, dryness and sagginess of a skin, cellulite, as well as to control sebaceous glands disorder, etc.

Ozone therapy does not mask skin problems but normalizes its natural functions and stimulate its functioning. Thus, the use of ozone therapy is reasonable while injection skin rejuvenation of the face and body takes place.

Therapeutic ozone injection is carried out with the help of modern equipment and you need to undergo a course of such treatment. The duration of the ozone therapy course depends mainly on the problems and goals.

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