Holidays in Truskavets

Holidays in Truskavets are known to be calm and quite away from the hustle of big cities, which allows you to improve your health, enjoy clean mountain air as well as delicious Ukrainian cuisine.

Truskavets welcomes about 200-300 thousand tourists per year. Those who first visited this city are delighted with the beautiful nature and variety of mineral springs as well as the number of hotels and Spa-centers. And those who come here more often notice how Truskavets is regaining the status of the European resorts. Truskavets was also rated “The Best City for Living” as one of the healthiest in the Ukraine.

Whenever you come for holidays to Truskavets, would it be during early spring or summer period, you will find plenty of activities here, and the autumn holidays in Triskavets will delight you with beautiful nature and the opportunity to enjoy calm holidays in pure Carpathians. Winter Holidays in Truskavets bring pleasures from outdoor activities, as both winter and summer climate in Truskavets is quite favorable for both family holidays and for holidays with children.