Turkish hammam

Turkish hammam is well-deserved by love in the world. It gives a very special feeling of relaxation, which is different from those that can be felt in other types of baths.

The main feature of the Turkish bath - low temperature (from 30 ° C to 50 ° C) and a 100% humidity of the steam room. Humidity at relatively low temperatures for baths is transferred very easily and does not overload the body. Soft warm and wet steam - wonderful secret hamam. The special microclimate makes it easy to open the pores, saturate skin with moisture, clean the lungs and the body as a whole. Soft wet steam perfectly affects the nervous system, improves sleep, helps to get rid of migraine, neurosis, anxiety. Steam treatments in the hammam will help to cheer up, enhance the overall tone. Combining of  traditional bath treatment with specificity of hamam allow to  experience a real bliss!