“CHAKROBALANCE” - a new procedure at Mirotel Resort & SPA.

If your inner energy abounds you can get everything you want. Your energy exchange is constant, it is inherent in nature itself.

So why don't you have all the benefits of life? Can't you realize, find, love yourself with natural ease? Why is it sometimes so difficult to put together a puzzle of yourself?

Transformation is needed - the wheel of life balance!

We can get everything we want by mastering the unique technique "CHAKROBALANCE" together with the paintings "Chvetnosti" by OL'SVOL'D, presented at Mirotel Resort & SPA.

This tool:

  • will help to expand consciousness,
  • will awaken your inner kundalini energy
  • will set in motion all 7 chakras.

You will understand how to enjoy your uniqueness and depth.

The mind, heart and soul will finally be able to create in harmony for your benefit.

Only a complete inner balance can really reveal you and the "Tsvetnost" paintings will help to achieve tremendous life changes.

For more information:
+380 (67) 97 641 70

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