We are ten years old!

They say the happiest day is your birthday! And it's true!

Plan the summer of your dreams together with Mirotel Resort & SPA!

Dear children! Your summer unlimited entertainment at Mirotel Resort & SPA will start very soon!

Loyalty program

Dear Guests, we would like to inform you that from 01.07.2022 until the end of the summer the prices for accommodation have been reduced.

Weekend Visiting St. Nicholas

We invite You to a fabulous weekend, an unforgettable holiday of St. Nicholas, which is the first in a string of winter holidays

Let’s continue the holiday tradition - celebrate the New Year 2022 together!

On December 31 we will plunge into the night of the mysterious and fabulous, into the night of the fantastic and unknown, into the night of New Year's miracles!

Unforgettable Christmas days at Mirotel Resort & SPA

We invite you to the most amazing period of the first days of the New Year, filled with an atmosphere of celebration and fun, during miracles and fairytale dreams, family unity and carols!

Great family festival of emotions

“AUTUMN HAS FUN” from October 22 to 31. It will be driving, creative and loud!


It's autumn again in the city! All roads from the warm summer lead to a fabulous autumn, full of vivid impressions and awesome events.

Tuna Fish Day

Glad to introduce, on the podium – yellowfin tuna. One of the largest members of his family. Yellowfin tuna is an ideal fish option if you decide to entertain yourself with fish delicacies. The meat of this type of tuna impresses with its taste and set of nutrients.

Independence Day of Ukraine at Mirotel Resort & SPA

Especially for you, our dear guests, we offer an extended WEEKEND of pleasant prices from 20.08 to 24.08. You will spend all these stellar days in complete relaxation, pleasant emotions and renewal


The daily autumn program from Mirotel Resort & SPA offers an excursion, fun, exciting children's and family vacation with SUPER KIDS TRAVEL.

Summer holidays. Festival of ideas for children’s leisure!

So that the child does not get bored, does not spend the whole summer in gadgets or TV, help the child to properly organize their summer vacation!


The residence of incredible rest Mirotel Resort & SPA invites its guests to a luxurious MAY weekend!

A romantic date at MIROTEL.

Top news! A romantic date at MIROTEL. Treat yourself to a real Valentine's weekend by spending romantic moments at MIROTEL Resort & Spa.

“CHAKROBALANCE” - a new procedure at Mirotel Resort & SPA.

If your inner energy abounds you can get everything you want. Your energy exchange is constant, it is inherent in nature itself.

Winter vacation at Mirotel Resort & Spa.

Children's entertainment program "Let the new year, Christmas, give you fabulous days!"


Grand Christmas and Happy New Year 2021 and your unforgettable New Year history at Mirotel Resort & Spa.

AUTUMN HOLIDAYS! October 22 - November 1!

Dear guests! For you and your children, Super Kids Mirotel will make autumn even brighter, creative and full of adventures!

The opportunity to spend the weekend in Mirotel Resort &SPA

Take the opportunity to spend the weekend in Mirotel Resort &SPA for 2 days more with a nice discount-20%!

family weekend



Dear Guests, We have to inform you that Mirotel Resort & Spa and Medpalas will suspend their activities from April 2 until the end of the quarantine.

Limited schedule

We care about the safety of our guests, so we warn you about special events in our hotel:

Весенние каникулы

Most of the studiyng is behind and that means spring vacation is about to start.

The floral hype is coming at Mirotel Resort & Spa.

In the early spring days the guests will plunge into celebrations of original ideas and creative master classes.

Welcome to Mirotel Resort & Spa

Welcome to Mirotel Resort & Spa to spend together Weekend of romantic dates, nice presents and a good mood

Discover MIROTEL RESORT & SPA in a new way!

Join the chat bot in a popular messenger Telegram - t.me/mirotelbot

YOUR BEST NEW YEAR VACATION!  Feel the real fairy tale!

In anticipation of pleasant things to do, fun and enchanting moments, New Year's Eve sneaks very quietly

A fabulous New Year’s Eve 2020 at Mirotel Resort & Spa!

We invite you to meet a bright, unforgettable, the most important holiday of the year, in one of the few places where meeting friends gets a family atmosphere and warm memories!


Family Emotional Holidays on October 25 - 31! Seven creative, unique, enchanting autumn days at Mirotel Resort&Spa*5!

Low season at Mirotel Resort&Spa has been started!

From the 15th of september Mirotel R&S presents You nice prices and a feeling of warmth and coziness during this golden autumn time.


The SUPER KIDS School of Aesthetic Development offers entertainment for children - holiday Weekends and presents "Fairy Tale Train" with an interesting virtual trip in the fall

Extended weekend from in honor of Independence Day of Ukraine!

Оur dear guests, еspecially for you, Mirotel Resort & Spa offers an extended weekend from 23.08 to 27.08 in honor of Independence Day of Ukraine!

Gifts from Mirotel Resort & Spa

Early booking. After booking in 90 days before the check-in date and full payment, the discount is 15%. The offer is unlimited.

We invite you to the “Incredible Weekend”

Do you know that in June there are 12 days of rest? And you can enjoy the latest weekend days in Mirotel Resort & Spa

Massage gift sertificate

For our dear guests we have prepared a summer gift - a back massage in the Mirotel Resort & Spa.


Mirotel Resort & Spa поздравляет всех детей и приглашает на феерическое KIDS FEST, яркий и веселый праздник, который продлится все выходные с 31 мая по 2 июня.


Wonderful gastronomic events in the panoramic restaurant of author's dishes in BELLINI'S PIANO BAR & GRILL is one of the many traditions of Mirotel Resort & Spa.

Spend the holidays brightly and funnny!

Don't not sit still! Holidays are a time of active and fun rest time.

Weekend drive at the Mirotel Resort & Spa

Resort Truskavets will soon turn into a small Monaco. Do not miss this sport event...

Extra day!

During the off-season, when spring is almost here, and winter still shows its caprices, we want more warmth and coziness than ever.

The spring weekend at MIROTEL RESORT & SPA

When the winter goes invisibly into the spring, and the romantic mood captures all the thoughts and feelings it`s high time to dive on an unforgettable spring weekend at MIROTEL RESORT & SPA from 8 to 10 March.

The incredible weekend with a love flavor !

Dear guests! Mirotel Resort & Spa invites you on an incredible weekend with a love flavor from February 14-17!


Panoramic restaurant of the author's cuisine BELLINI'S PIANO BAR & GRIL invites all gourmets on the 2nd of January to FISH MARKET!

Christmas Magic

Dear guests, we invite you to feel the fantastic magic of the Christmas Holidays, which will turn

Fantastic fairy-tale event in Mirotel Resort & SPA

Something surprising will happen on December 19th in MIROTEL RESORT & SPA.

International New Year 2019

The New Year is the time when desires are proposed and all dreams come true. That is why we should celebrate this date brightly, fabulous and wonderfully. The New Year celebration in Mirotel promises to be stylish and explosive in the International style.

Autumn holidays

The long-awaited holidays are coming! Hooray!!! You can walk, read, enjoy, you can do whatever you want. You can spend time with your friends.


August, 24 2018 at 18:00, the best panoramic restaurant of Truskavets BELLINI'S PIANO BAR & GRILL with the support of the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF), invites guests to an exclusive tasting – AMERICAN BBQ FEST.


Panoramic restaurant of the BELLINI'S PIANO BAR & GRIL author's cuisine invites all gourmets on the 9th of August to FISH MARKET!

Weekend in Prykarpattya

Mirotel Resort & Spa invites you to spend four days of the holiday and feel the music, beauty and Subcarpathia area!

Dear Guests!

Mirotel Resort & Spa invites you to receive green magic and celebrate green holidays.

Mirotel in Spring is the place where you can spend unforgettable and bright weekend!

Dear guests! We offer you a sunny, wonderful weekend in the company of family and friends, a measured rest, active leisure, fresh feeling and good mood, and most importantly - the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful spring!

Welcome to Easter in Mirotel Resort&Spa!

Easter is a family holiday, rich in customs and traditions! That is why we invite our dear guests to the family atmosphere of Mirotel Resort & Spa for the creative project "Easter Colors"

Funny holidays at Mirotel Resort & Spa!

Dear parents, dear children! Mirotel Resort & Spa invites you to have fun at the Super Kids Aesthetic School.

Spring Weekend! March 8-11

Dear guests! Once again, Mirotel Resort & Spa shows you our love and offers holidays in an atmosphere of spring and good mood.

Weekend in the Mirotel Resort & Spa!

On the 9th of March at 20:00 the show-program in the Elite Club, Bellini's Piano Bar & Grill, will be waiting for you!

Dear guests!

On the 14th of February MIROTEL RESORT & SPA will be surrounded by Cupids, and the words “I love you” will be sounded in a special way!

Prince P.N. Trubeckogo degustation

Unique climatic conditions and location on the slopes of the Kakhovka reservoir within the Black Sea depth of the East European Plain


Gastronomic holidays have become a good tradition in the Mirotel Resort & Spa!

“Scottish Whiskey Degustation” at Mirotel Resort & Spa!

We invite all aesthetics of luxury life and gourmets to the "Scottish Whiskey Degustation" at Mirotel Resort & Spa!

OLK-HOLIDAY “The Mystery of the St. Nicholas Night”.

Something surprising will happen on December 19th in MIROTEL RESORT & SPA.

A charming night at Mirotel Resort & Spa, which will bring a “lemon” of happiness!

Every time, meeting the first, incredible New Year's Eve, we expect our desires to fulfill and hope to be happy throughout all the year! 2018 - is special!


On October 19, representatives of the Mirotel Resort & Spa took part in the annual exhibition of elite travels, which takes place in the B2B edition of "Deluxe Travel Market Latvia 2017".

Halloweenis a mysteryoftheautumn.

Mirotel Resort&Spa invites the fansoflittlepranks to a non-stop Halloween show program.

Stella International Beauty Award

Stella International Beauty Award is the first and only professional prizein beauty and health in Ukraine, which is annually awarded to the best representatives of the Beauty industry.

Dear Guests!

For bringing Truskavets closer to European standards, the Truskavets City Council decided to restrict traffic in pedestrian zones.

Perfect way of autumn rest with children!

Dear quests! We invite you and your children to enjoy an autumn rest in the multicolored landscapes of Carpathian.



Summer of sincere children’s emotions in Mirotel Resort & Spa!

How to take a child in the summer? How to make it interesting??

Embroidery Weekend

MIROTEL RESORT & SPA invites to embroidery Weekend, which will take place from the 18th to the 21th of May.

Hibachi Grill Menu в MIROTEL RESORT & SPA


Taste the Spring!

May 2, 2017 at 19:00, the best panoramic restaurant of Truskavets BELLINI'S PIANO BAR & GRILL with the support of the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF), invites guests to an exclusive tasting – AMERICAN BBQ FEST.

May holidays in Mirotel RESORT & SPA

С 28 апреля по 9 мая, MIROTEL RESORT & SPA – приглашает провести яркий майский отдых с интересными событиями и мероприятиями, которые оставят веселые и приятные воспоминания!

Hospitably invites for Easter!

From the 13th – 17th of april MIROTEL RESORT & SPA hospitably invites for Easter!

Spring interactive holidays in SUPER KIDS! It’s forbidden to be sad!

Mirotel Resort & Spa invites you to spend interactive family vacation!

Spring is a beginning!

MIROTEL RESORT & SPA invites to feel the spring faerie!

Anyah Baby Care Products

We take health and safety of your kids very seriously. So, you can now find min-sets of baby care products at the Mirotel Resort & Spa.

10% discount for guests

Dear guests!

Make a date at Mirotel Resort & Spa

Do you miss the hot feelings while it’s so cold outside?

“Alex Dudarenko: Gastronomical JAZZ” and “NEW YEAR’S Chef’s RECIPE ”

Best People Club - Lifestyle magazine about people and for the people

Turkish hammam

Turkish hammam is well-deserved by love in the world. It gives a very special feeling of relaxation, which is different from those that can be felt in other types of baths.

Carbon Laser Peel

Carbon Laser Peel combines the action of the laser beam and the effect of rejuvenation. The nuance of this procedure is a special gel-mask, which consists of carbon dioxide nanoparticles, in this connection, Nanogels called carbon.

American Meat Fest в Mirotel Resort & Spa!

При поддержке Американской Федерации по Экспорту Мяса (USMEF) Ценителям правильного мяса посвящается…

A unique spirulina menu is now at Mirotel Resort & Spa!

Специально для наших гостей мы разработали особое меню коктейлей, где все напитки содержат спирулину - одну из самых уникальных растений на планете.

Independence Day

Upon the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine from 23 to 25 August hotel Mirotel Resort & Spa has prepared exciting programs and activities for all its guests in order to make this holiday really unforgettable. Holiday weekends at Mirotel Resort & Spa always bring lots of fun and best recreation possibilities!

Savior of the Apple Feast Day

Savior of the Apple Feast Day is celebrated every year on August 19. On this day it is accepted the apples to be blessed, to treat each other with these apples and to prepare the dishes with the apple filling.

Ksenia Slusar the Celebrity Fitness Instructor

Only this Summer! 3-17 August at Mirotel Resort & Spa. You have a unique opportunity to schedule a consultation with Ksenia Slusar – our celebrity fitness instructor whose experience in the field of wellness

Hospitality Excellence Award

An awarding ceremony for the leading companies’ representatives of the national hospitality industry for the “Best ideas, innovations and decisions in 2012” took place on the Eve of Theophany in the first five-star hotel of Ukraine “Premier palace”.

Christmas Party!

Mirotel Resort & Spa invites anyone who feels like it to the stylish Ukrainian Vechornytsi (Вечорниці), which will be held on 07.01.2013 in the night club Insomnia Lounge & Night Club.

Dance Party!

We are inviting all lovers of igniting pair dances to the first dance party of 2013 season! The Dance Party will take place of January 3, 2013 in the night club Insomnia Lounge & Night Club!

New Year’s Day at Mirotel Resort&Spa!

Mirotel Resort & Spa invites to celebrate the New Year’s Day in exactly the same way, as you wished…

«Новорічний карнавал»

31 грудня відбудеться вечірка «Новорічний карнавал».

«Новогодний карнавал»

31 декабря состоится вечеринка «Новогодний карнавал». Для большинства из нас встреча Нового года – самый любимый праздник.

Предновогодняя вечеринка «ПРОЩАЙ, 2012!»

Вот и подходит к завершению 2012 год. Каким он был для Вас? Чем запомнился?

Magic New Year’s Eve at Mirotel Resort &Spa!

We invite you to celebrate New Year at Mirotel Resort & Spa in an atmosphere of true fairy-tale.

A charity event for children with musculoskeletal system abnormality

From ancient times Saint Nicholas was believed to be a patron of the poor and orphans. Every year, in memory of his good deeds, at night from the 18th to the 19th of December miracles occur – everybody receives presents.

White Martini Party!

On November 17 the White Martini Party will be held in the hotel Mirotel Resort & Spa!

Halloween, and All Saints’ Day at Mirotel Resort & Spa

A special Halloween menu from the chef, which will include pumpkin dishes, traditional for Halloween, will be offered to guests on the celebration day!

Glamour Halloween Party at Mirotel Resort & Spa

On the most dreadful day of the year “Mirotel Resort & Spa” invites its guests to a festive party GLAMOUR HALLOWEEN PARTY, dedicated to the All Saints’ Day.

LVIV FASHION WEEK at Mirotel Resort & Spa

“Mirotel Resort & Spa” joins the world of fashion! Now we are official partners of Lviv Fashion Week – one of the most large-scale fashion events in the Eastern Europe, each season of which accepts more than 12 000 visitors.