Mediplorer’s Non-invasive Carboxytherapy

The Mediplorer’s non-invasive carboxytherapy in the Spa Centre of the Mirotel Resort&Spa hotel will help you effectively correct skin problems with signs of aging, pigmentation or acne!

The procedure is based on the development of the Japanese medical company Medion Research Laboratories Inc., the cofounder of carboxytherapy in cosmetology.

The concentrated carbon dioxide CO2 contained in the Mediplorer’s products while delivers through the skin, releases oxygen from haemoglobin, consequently boosting the necessary rejuvenating and restorative effects.

The effect of the main ingredient (CO2) is enhanced by the following substances: a stabilized form of vitamin C (APPS®) and a water-soluble form of vitamin E (TPNa®).

The stabilized form of vitamin C (APPS®) is the only form of vitamin C in the world that penetrates skin a hundred times faster than the standard vitamin C, preserving its activity and stability, and, as a result, effectively reduces wrinkles and fine lines, pigmentation, and acne.

The water-soluble form of vitamin E (TPNa®) prevents skin aging by neutralizing free radicals, protects the skin, prevents moisture loss, and reduces skin hyperpigmentation.

The procedure promotes the processes of cellular metabolism, and shows a pronounced rejuvenating, antioxidant and moisturizing effects.

Make a present of a lustrous glow and consistent colour to your skin in Mirotel Resort&Spa!