Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is a low traumatic treatment of urolithiasis.

Urologists widely use extracorporeal lithotripsy as optimal and low traumatic treatment of urolithiasis in Truskavets. . The "Med-Palace" medical center uses the latest techniques for this treatment. The patient also gets the urologist’s advice, ultrasound and X-ray diagnostics.

Currently, disposal of rock occurs without surgery or invasive procedures. Dornier Compact Sigma lithotripter is crushing the kidney stones by shock waves. Fragments of stones are out with the urine and without any additional intervention.

A period of rehabilitation in Truskavets is needed after kidney stones crushing. Due to the mineral water "Naftusia" stone fragments are out immediately or within 24 days in 90% of patients. The main thing is that it happens without any pain. Actually it means no sand or stones are left till the end of the treatment course in Truskavets. Very important fact is that the mineral water "Naftusia" normalizes metabolism and prevents the re-formation of stones.


  • The first procedure 4100 UAH
  • Next procedures  1000 UAH

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