Facial and body esthetics ELEMIS

Pro-collagen «Century challenge»

The procedure will provide a noticeable rejuvenating effect. The natural energy of quartz in combination with the extracts of the Padina Pavonika alga, Moringa extracts, argan oil will remove the signs of age, mimic wrinkles, will create an instant and visible lifting effect    

Pro-definition «Lifting – clear facial contours»

The procedure regains the strength, deeply moisturizes, optimizes the metabolism processes in the skin tissues, restores contours of the age-related skin.

Powerful active ingredients: stem cells highlighted by a high-tech method of plant material, an extract of the bark of the Indian tree arjuna, oil of the borage - literally breathe a new life into the skin, stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Anticellulite lifting wrap “Sea Algae”

A powerful combination of anti-cellulite massage and detox clay combined with active ingredients such as: Nigar's salt, calcified red algae extract of Jania Rubens, caffeine, reduce cellulite appearance after the first procedure