Diagnosis of food intolerance

Medical Innovations - diagnosis of food intolerance

Do you want to understand your body better, to choose the best for yourself, to prevent, or maybe identify and eliminate the cause of your illness? Do the test for food intolerance.

Food intolerance: what is it, how does it affect health?

The concept of food intolerance is wider than the usual food allergy that manifests itself by rash, irritation, and edema. This is an inadequate reaction to food, in which the immune system and antibodies of class IgG take part. This reaction takes place due to the fact that the body does not assimilate certain food,  and its constituents – immunotoxins, which negatively affect the function of the body without visible symptoms, causing inflammation, the development of chronic diseases, premature aging. The solution is the diagnosis of food intolerance.

In which cases, and for whom is the diagnosis of food intolerance indicated?

• people who consider themselves as healthy, but they have such symptoms as drowsiness after meals, fatigue, lack of energy, irritability, weight problems, muscle and headaches, skin problems (rash, acne, pruritus ...).

• people who have chronic diseases of the following organs and systems: the organs of the respiratory system (pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, rhinitis ..), gastrointestinal organs (gastritis, duodenitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis ...), urinary system (nephrotic syndrome, urolithiasis ), endocrine system (obesity \ underweight, diabetes ...) and other diseases.

What is the technique of diagnostics and what what are its results?

Diagnosis is carried out by venous blood sampling of the patient and a special analysis of it. The result of this diagnosis is determination of your "food identity."

Our nutritionist will correctly interpret the results of the test for you: You will know which products should be excluded from the usual diet, and which you should give healthy preference to prevent or eliminate the causes of certain diseases.

Following the recommendations of a nutritionist, you will remove the strain on the immune system, release body’s inner reserves of strength, will return activity, and harmonize your beauty and health.