Carboxytherapy is based on the carbon dioxide properties which is known as "miracle gas" and is considered to be the greatest breakthrough in the beauty and medical industries.

Carboxytherapy procedure implies the injections of carbon dioxide directly into the skin. The body perceives it as lack of oxygen and reacts with increased circulation and generation of new blood cells. As a result, the treated area of ​​skin receives more oxygen and nutrients and also improves circulation and cell recovery.

It improves blood and lymph cell recovery and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Carboxytherapy is used in TRAUMATOLOGY as follows:

• Degenerative diseases (arthritis) of joints and spine 
• Dntezopatie (ligaments and capsules disease)

Carboxytherapy is used in DERMATOLOGY as follows:

• Scleroderma 
• Inflammatory skin disease 
• Psoriasis
• Trophic ulcers
• Scars reducing 
• Stretch marks reducing