ICOONE is a new generation device based on unique cellular technologies that offers a completely new multi-microalveolar stimulation (MMAS) of connective tissue for face and body procedures. 

The device appeared on the basis of the scientific discoveries of Italian scientists who turned the traditional concept of the structure of connective tissues. This development allows you to effectively deal with cellulite, swelling, aging processes of the body and includes many aesthetic and therapeutic remedial programs. 

The impact is carried out through the unique structure of micro-stimulators on the handles of the device. The micro-stimulation of the icoone device creates an unsurpassed effect: up to 21,600 micro-stimulations per 1 minute of the procedure, which ensures the most precise and deep study of each millimeter of the skin, without injuring the tissue and not having a stressful effect on them, evens out the skin relief. At the same time, it removes stagnant fluid from tissues, stimulates cell renewal processes, improves skin elasticity and elasticity, and also includes many aesthetic and therapeutic correction programs. 

The icoone® LASER uses a combination of MMAS technology and laser lipolysis, one of the most effective and
demanded procedures currently on the market of cosmetology. Icoone® LASER includes a 915nm laser and 650nm LEDs. The combined effect of the two technologies allows even faster to achieve excellent results. 

What procedures can be performed using the icoone® LASER?


  • local fat deposits
  • edematous and fibrous cellulitis
  • “riding breeches”
  • skin atony
  • silhouette remodeling
  • loose internal thighs and arms
  • stretch marks (stretch marks)
  • breast enhancement and breast improvement
  • ace, neck, decollete skin lifting
  • deep and expression lines
  • postpartum recovery