Workout Programs

Let’s enjoy sports and do it in Mirotel Resort & SPA!

Harmonious slender body, tightened muscles, mobility of joints, physical and psycho-emotional health – here are the ideals to which we will help you to become even closer.

You’ll achieve an exceptional fitness results with the best coaches and their own fitness programs, comfortable studio and gym equipped with all necessary and modern sports.

The fitness programs of our center are as following:


The safest form of physical activities

Pilates is the method of maintaining an ideal body shape, based on physical exercises developed by Joseph Pilates more than a hundred years ago. Now Pilates is called «clever» training, aimed at a conscious and harmonious work with the body, the concentration of the respiratory rhythm, the ability to relax the power muscle by performing exercises with the help of muscle-stabilizers.

This method best fits the requirements of any organism (post-surgical, post-traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system, contraindications of physical activity), has no age restrictions.

What are the benefits of Pilates training?

You get slim and lithe body, corrected posture and improved endurance, also the comfortable improving of internal organs work, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems. You will reach the minimization of back pain and spine relaxation.


Acquiring the harmony, peace and physical health

Yoga is an ancient, multifaceted doctrine, which helps to develop the mind and restore physical health, to achieve absolute harmony. At the base of the doctrine laid down two concepts – purification and perfection. Practice of yoga consists of a complex of physical exercises, which include Asanas (static postures) and special breathing exercises.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

Asanas carrie powerful preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitation, and psychotherapeutic effects; lead to the balance and harmony, refresh the mind, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive, respiratory systems, on the excretory, nervous system and locomotor apparatus.


Harmonious, holistic development of your muscles

This training is a qualitative complex of exercises for stretching muscles and ligaments by which they acquire a perfect flexibility and elasticity, acquire healthy mobility to joints. Stretching exercises give your body an enviable flexibility and plasticity, in the result you will get rid of muscular clamps and painful sensations.

What are the benefits of Stretching?

Except harmony, flexibility and plasticity, this fitness program is the prevention of osteochondritis, prevents the deposition of salts in the body and minimizes injuries during sports activities. During the actual workout every cell of your body is saturated with oxygen, which leads to enhancing brain activity and improvement of work of all systems of the body.


We burn calories maintaining the muscle mass

Step Aerobics is an effective and dynamic fitness direction, aimed at muscles training and coordination developing. Trainings have a high intensity what allows to speed up the metabolism and advance the body to the enviable slimness.

What are the benefits of Step Aerobics?

This fitness direction helps harmoniously adjust body weight, normalize blood pressure and strengthen the respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous and muscular systems. All muscle groups are strengthen by this complex.

ABS workout

The modern approach to fitness training

Under the modern approach to fitness we understand special techniques of functional training, allowing to increase muscle strength, to involve and work both superficial and deep layers of muscles, develop coordination and flexibility.

This type of training is suitable for people of all levels of physical conditioning including a low level of physical capabilities: recovery after childbirth, after a long absence of physical activity, in the rehabilitation period.


Effectively, comfortable, safe and…. fun!

Aqua Aerobics is a powerful tool in the fight against overweight and bad mood. To achieve better effectiveness during trainings special equipment is used.

Despite the intense pressure this kind of fitness is secure – minimize the risk of personal injury, overload of the cardiovascular system, offset by the impact load on the spine and joints.

What are the benefits of Aqua Aerobics?

 Muscle tone is increased overcoming the resistance of water, enhancing the body plasticity and flexibility, improving the skin tone, increasing the accelerated exchange processes of the body, natural strengthening of the immune system and finally stress relieving.

Let’s go in for sports with pleasure! Your excellent fitness results are important for us!

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