Effective treatment of liver diseases

The human liver has an unbelievably large reserve capacity.  It is apt to regenerate even after a surgical removal of two thirds of the organ. But how to «overload» the organism, make the reserve capacity work?  

The right solution is to come to  Mirotel Resort & Spa to treat with the help of  mineral waters!

Here a complex approach, the base of which are powerful medical, diagnostic instruments and natural resources, is applied to the health restoration.  A doctor decides on appropriate treatment  of diseases of liver and biliary passages given to each patient individually and this treatment, as a rule, consists of the following:

  • mineral water intake
  • thermal procedures such as ozocerite application, physiotherapy
  • healthy meals in the hotel restaurant
  • therapeutic baths
  • appropriate drug therapy

The  results of complex therapy

In most cases of  liver diseases  the unpleasant symptoms are  eliminated or considerably  reduced  after the unique complex holiatry therapy in Mirotel Resort & Spa. The therapy  reduces or significantly eliminates pains in your upper right abdominal area over the liver, decreases the liver size and makes the liver restore its normal consistency, significantly reduces or eliminates the pains over the gallbladder, increases the appetite, augments the vitality, vigour and efficiency of the body.

Our patients undergo complex diagnostics before, during and after the therapy, that allows properly to adjust the treatment, achieving better results. Thorough health care is at the heart of the philosophy in Mirotel Resort & Spa!