For the most demanding and sophisticated ones and for those looking for an excellence in everything «Med-Palace» Medical Center offers an exclusive and comprehensive body cleansing Program «Detox».

Detoxification program was developed specifically for the «Med-Palace» Medical Center. The program has a deep cleansing effect on the body improving metabolism as well as detoxification and weight loss. During the program you will also learn how to understand your body and keep the results obtained during the program for a long time.

This program aims to fight off stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, excessive consumption of coffee and alcohol, as well as many other bad habits. Cleansing the body of toxins ensure an inflow of vitality and wellbeing.

The program will be adjusted by the physician to the individual needs of each guest.

Basic (Program PDF)

Active (Program PDF)

Accommodation on a special tariff (PDF)