In order to ensure the comfort of all our guests, there is a well-room located on the territory of the Hotel with a good selection of mineral waters “Naftusia”, “Maria”, “Sofia” and “Bronislava”.  The water is delivered to the buvette three times a day in special certified containers which preserve all the therapeutic properties of mineral water.

The therapeutic effect of mineral water is very multifactorial. Mineral Water Treatment has a varity of effects on the human body such as thermal (temperature), chemical and mechanical ones.

Mineral water is used for internal (so-called drinking water treatment) and external use (bath, bathing and shower held at Spa clinics and therapy pools, as well as for inhalation and gagling of the nose, throat and upper respiratory tract, for irrigation gynecological diseases etc.).

Mineral Water Treatment provides a healing effect on the nervous and circulatory systems, improves metabolic processes, the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and other internal organs.

The same mineral water beneficially affects the body in various diseases. This is due to the various salts, trace elements and gases in it.