Exclusive massage technique Gerard’s BOTOFILL presented in the SPA-center of the hotel Mirotel Resort & Spa is a complete analogue of mesotherapy. Non-injection mesotherapy works at the expense of active components that make up the innovative products of BOTOFILL.

A new high-tech complex based on low-molecular and high-molecular hyaluronic acid:

  • provides a "double effect" of skin hydration;
  • reduces the depth of wrinkles;
  • improves the quality characteristics of the skin, tone, density and elasticity;
  • restores the protective functions of the skin;
  • promotes the renewal of epidermis upper layers;
  • strengthens capillaries;
  • has a brightening effect on pigment spots;
  • stimulates the production of collagen;
  • prevents premature ageing. 

Take advantage of Gerard’s BOTOFILL non-injection mesotherapy at Mirotel Resort & Spa!