Figure modeling complex BIO-LASER ACTIVE XTREME 3D

The effective complex of procedures with the effect of "shock therapy", intended for figure modeling, is ideal for those who want to achieve immediate, visible and tangible results in just a few sessions. The complex of procedures makes for the toxins and excess body fluid elimination, the adipose tissue redistribution, tones and simulates the silhouette similar to the laser body sculpting.

Bio-Laser Active procedure is detoxification and drainage. It is comprised of whey booster with thistle, sage, artichoke extracts, collagen and LIGHT BLUE-MUD 3D (composition: white clay, Sculptosane®, turmeric and lavender extracts, rosemary essential oil).

Bio-Laser Active procedure is toning, strengthening and modeling of a figure. It is comprised of a whey tonic with birch and guarana extracts, collagen and RED-MUD 3D (red clay, Sculptosane®, lavender and rosemary essential oils).

Bio-Laser Active procedure has a lipolytic action and decreases the body volume. It is comprised of a lipolytic whey with pineapple, lemon, green tea and green coffee extracts and GREEN-MUD 3D coffee (green clay, Sculptosane®, rosemary essential oil).

Synergy of ingredients in various combinations will quickly and painlessly prepare your body for the summer.