Balneotherapy, mineral water therapy is a stepping stone to your health and beauty, one of  the main many-sided up-to-date methods of treatment and prevention of various diseases in Mirotel Resort & Spa.

How  do therapeutic baths influence on your body?

Therapeutic action of mineral baths is defined by the particular features of their chemical composition and gaseous substances. Some chemical elements are resorbed into the blood flow through the skin providing therapeutic effect immediately after taking a bath. The rest of the "vitamins" spread on the skin like a salt cloak providing a durable therapeutic action.  There occurs a unique effect on nervous receptors and the human brain, what causes a series of changes in functions of the nervous system, adjusting the work of some internal organs and vital physiological systems. Effective mineral water therapy in Mirotel Resort & Spa is carried out under the attentive supervision of a therapist and can be supplemented with other physiotherapy procedures.

The effects of mineral water therapy on the body  

  • normalisation of  functions of the nervous system
  • restoring affected functions  of the body
  • favourable action on the redistribution of the blood flow and on the endocrine system
  • improvement of metabolic processes
  • increasing the body's capacity and efficiency for work
  • secretion of bioactive chemical elements (such as histamine, acetylcholine, sympathin and others) in the skin
  • Antiinflammatory and analgesic action