Machine cosmetology ELEMIS BIOTEC

ELEMIS BIOTEC - this is a real revolution in the concept of procedures for face! The results of facial skin care are so excellent that they can postpone or replace injections of botulinum toxin, mesotherapy, fillers, etc.

ELEMIS BIOTEC – this is not only apparatus. This system combines active plant extracts, touches and scientific technologies.

In a combination of these technologies, we offer You the procedures, that:

  • will provide an anti-age effect, make the skin fresh, fill with energy and vitality (wrinkle correction and firmness of the skin Biotec Firm-A-Lift).
  • will calm the sensitive skin, prone to redness and irritation (harmony of sensitive skin Elemis).
  • will regain the freshness to tired, dry skin and eliminate the effects of stress (Awakening facial care).

You will get an unsurpassed appearance even after the first procedure. All the procedures are pleasant and will not leave any unwanted traces on the facial skin.