Life without pain is the basis and purpose of the new author's complex of procedures and exercises "Joint restoration and health improvement".

Just one specialist.  Just yourself.  This author's complex is provided just for you and for your benefit, allowing you to solve the following problems:

  • muscle and joint pain
  • improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow
  • relaxation of tense muscles
  • rehabilitation after injuries, surgeries and blood-strokes

The complex includes:

  • special individualized exercises under coach’s supervision
  • Swedish massage with passive movements and hardware vacuum massage techniques

Vacuum stimulates the rush of blood and affects the lymph flow, thereby encouraging local metabolism, causing cells to work. It also improves blood circulation, increases the number of functioning capillaries, makes for the trophism of tissues and raises muscle tone.

  • post-isometric relaxation technique

Soft manual therapy based on stretching of soft tissues, relaxation of muscles, relieve of excessive muscle tension and anaesthesia

  • kinesiology taping technique

Human body is a perfect mechanism created by nature, possessing the ability of self-reproduction, self-healing and self-development. We have created a set of health-improving procedures that help a human to stimulate these processes and to recover due to body’s intrinsic restoring forces.


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